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    Fueling Business Growth through Innovation


    At Betzalel Lab, we are an experiential business problem-solving studio, dedicated to empowering companies and individuals to tackle challenges with innovative thinking and creativity. Our unique approach combines various techniques and frameworks, including LEGO® Serious Play, system thinking, hand knowledge, design thinking, and proven strategy tools used by leading organizations worldwide.


    Why Choose Betzalel Lab?

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  • We have helped numerous companies and individuals break through barriers and unleash their potential. Join us on this transformative journey, where creativity and innovation converge to shape a brighter, more resilient future for your business.

  • The Betzalel Lab Process

    Unleashing Solutions through Problem Visibility: Illuminate Your Path to Success

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    We employ multiple techniques to unravel the underlying layers of complexity and reveal the right questions to ask. We ensure that the true essence of the problem emerges, setting the foundation for precise and effective problem-solving.

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    Participants unleash their creativity, building intricate models that bring the problem to life. These models not only make the problem visible but also serve as catalysts for extracting vital information from their minds, fueling the problem-solving journey with profound insights.

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    We guide participants through multiple rounds of model refinement and rigorous idea testing. This iterative approach aids in identifying key focus areas, determining actionable solutions, and defining clear next steps. It empowers participants to make informed decisions and test their ideas, ensuring effective problem-solving with visible outcomes.

  • New Career Path


    A mid-level professional felt stuck in their current job despite past success. Working as a marketing manager, they yearned for creativity and innovation but were limited by the company's conservative culture. They desired a career change aligned with their values and sought guidance to explore new paths. Fear of the unknown and uncertainty hindered their transition. They craved a structured approach to find the courage to unleash their untapped potential in a fulfilling and rewarding new career.



    Through diverse problem-solving techniques, the client uncovered their core skills and unique talents. We explored transferable skills, unlocking diverse career possibilities. With a personalized interview framework, they confidently showcased expertise and aligned with their dream career. Empowered to unleash untapped potential and rediscover passion, the client embarked on a rewarding new career journey, armed with a clear roadmap.

    A Quest for Survival & Growth


    Before the pandemic, the long-established manufacturing company was a market leader, renowned for its quality products and healthy margins. Customers valued their commitment to excellence and were willing to pay a premium for their offerings. However, a perfect storm of challenges emerged, threatening the company's stability.

    As the pandemic unfolded, customers became increasingly price-sensitive, demanding lower prices to navigate uncertain economic times. Simultaneously, the company faced mounting costs due to supply chain disruptions and rising raw material expenses. To add to the pressure, new competitors with lower overhead costs entered the market, further eroding the company's margins. Faced with these daunting challenges and an unclear future, the company's leadership realized the urgent need for a new strategy.


    The strategic revamp began by identifying the business's purpose, values, and aspirations. Employing a series of system thinking exercises, we unveiled the organization's core challenges and explored potential solutions. Collaboratively, we designed experiments with customers and vendors to validate the new strategy, with every team member contributing valuable ideas.

    Through this inclusive process, the company fostered a culture of collective input and buy-in. The resulting strategy became a shared vision, fueling profitability and propelling growth. Empowered by their newfound clarity and commitment, the company embraced the path to success, with each member steering towards a thriving future.

    Aligning Team for Success


    Over the first six months of the year, customer complaints skyrocketed, posing a significant challenge for the organization. In-depth analysis revealed that the root cause lay in a lack of communication and misalignment between roles and responsibilities. Redundancies between departments, employee friction, and a lack of ownership further exacerbated the issue.

    This disconnection not only affected customer service but also dealt a blow to the bottom line.



    To address the team's misalignment, we initiated a transformative process using LEGO® Serious Play. Through interactive models, the team gained clarity on their dependencies and pinpointed communication breakdowns. Our tool empowered them to devise effective solutions, taking ownership of the corrective steps.

    In a remarkable turn, the team not only resolved internal issues but also unearthed a potential new market for the business. Making problems visible through our methodology sparked innovation and revealed hidden opportunities.


    Redefining Real Estate Broker


    Recognizing a significant gap in the real estate industry, an ambitious entrepreneur identified the need for a novel approach to buying and selling properties in Miami, FL. Driven by personal frustration with the current system, the entrepreneur set out to create a groundbreaking realty office that could transform the customer experience.

    Seeking to articulate a compelling value proposition, attract and retain customers, and harness the power of AI to expedite processes, the entrepreneur faced a complex challenge. They needed a robust business model to navigate the competitive Miami market successfully.


    Leveraging the dynamic fusion of Business Model Canvas and LEGO® Serious Play, our expert team guided the entrepreneur in crafting a compelling value proposition that directly addressed pain points and clearly communicated client benefits. This process ensured a perfect market-fit between the new company's offerings and the desired target market.

    The transformative exercise produced a comprehensive blueprint that was both easy to implement and ready for testing within weeks. The entrepreneur gained a clear roadmap to revolutionize the real estate landscape, armed with a customer-centric strategy to attract and retain clients. This impactful solution exemplifies the power of innovative thinking, equipping the entrepreneur for success in the competitive real estate market with a potent value proposition that resonates with customers.


    Seeking Fresh Ideas


    Upon assuming the CEO role, the new leader observed a team entrenched in their comfort zone, struggling to break away from habitual thinking. Recognizing the critical need for fresh ideas to propel the company to the next level, the CEO sought to ignite innovation. Despite the team's wealth of experience and intelligence, they remained stuck in their ways, leaving the company vulnerable to competition.


    Through targeted divergent thinking exercises, Betzalel challenged the team to explore unconventional perspectives and break free from ingrained thought patterns. One of the techniques used was "Brainstorming with a Twist," where participants were encouraged to generate wild ideas without judgment. This liberated approach sparked a wealth of innovative concepts, pushing boundaries and unveiling untapped possibilities. During the workshops, the team started embracing change, creativity, and open-mindedness, infusing fresh ideas that propelled the company to new heights.




  • Unlock Your Learning Journal

    Betzalel Lab equips you with creative problem-solving skills, easy-to-use tools, and innovative mindsets to stay resilient in our fast-changing modern world. These are our custom-made workshops.

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    Problem-Solving Bootcamp

    Participants will unlock their inner creativity through interactive exercises, leveraging LEGO® Serious Play and other innovative techniques.

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    Corporate Innovation

    This workshop is designed to equip organizations with effective tools for developing innovation and navigating complexity.


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    Career Reinvention

    For those seeking a new chapter in their career, this workshop empowers individuals to discover their unique strengths, passions and develop a roadmap .


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    Customer-Centric Experience

    Participants will learn how to craft exceptional customer experiences through empathy and deep understanding. 


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    Solve for "X"

    We understand that each company faces unique challenges. In Workshop "X," we design a customized problem-solving experience that directly addresses the specific issues your company is currently encountering. Our team of experts will work closely with your organization to gain an in-depth understanding of your challenges, goals, and aspirations.

  • Shop Talk

    Commonly asked tidbits.

    How would you describe the experience?

    Our workshops offer a truly unique and immersive experience. Imagine a modern and innovative playground where creativity knows no bounds. Our workshops are designed to be a playful journey where participants can explore, experiment, and ideate without fear of failure. It's a risk-free space where the spirit of ingenuity thrives. Through collaborative exercises and hands-on activities, we unleash your inner creativity in a safe and supportive environment. Our approach encourages bold exploration and out-of-the-box thinking, resulting in fresh and innovative solutions to complex challenges. Join us for an unforgettable experience where creativity takes center stage in a playful and risk-free setting, inspiring you to think beyond limits

    How long does it take ?

    The duration of the Betzalel Lab workshop can vary depending on the specific workshop you choose. Generally, our workshops are designed to be engaging and immersive experiences, ranging from 2 hours for shorter sessions to full-day workshops that may last 6 hours or more. The exact duration will be specified for each workshop offering

    How to you work with clients?

    This initial step involves ice-breaking activities, team-building exercises, and creative warm-up sessions designed to encourage collaboration, break down barriers, and ignite the participants' inner creativity. It's about creating a safe space where everyone can let their imaginations run wild and dive into the creative process with enthusiasm.

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